Clips from African Apocalypse

A Voulet's grave

Clip 1: The journey begins

From Oxford to Niger. Conrad’s Heart of Darkness serves as a guide book to Voulet’s trail of destruction. The clip shows the beginning of Femi’s journey.

A Voulet's grave

Clip 2: The river

Just as Marlow follows Kurtz by river, so Femi begins his trail of Voulet. Setting the context of the country and Femi’s thoughts on imperialism.

Femi on the trial of Voulet

Clip 3: On the trail of Voulet

“…the trail of Voulet’s column was sickeningly easy to follow…” From Klobb’s diary entries as he follows Voulet “…a red glow in the sky, another village burning…”

Femi on the trial of Voulet

Clip 4: The road of tears

The route Voulet followed is now Niger’s main highway, Route Nationale 1. In many villages and towns along the road live communities who still remember and live with the devastating impact of Voulet’s massacres.

A Voulet's grave

Clip 5: Voulet confronts Klobb

Femi visits the site of Klobb’s confrontation with Voulet. Klobb was sent to relieve Voulet of his command, when his mission began to threaten French interest.

A Voulet's grave

Clip 6: At Voulet’s grave

Voulet’s final resting place dominates the town square. Feelings in the community run high while the colonial killer’s grave is tended.

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