An epic journey on the trail of a colonial killer and into the heart of darkness

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“A brutal and timely indictment of colonialism”
BFI, 2020 Festival


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African Apocalypse

British Nigerian, Femi Nylander, brings attention to the forgotten victims of colonial atrocity in a new film, African Apocalypse, from award-winning director, Rob Lemkin

Activist Femi Nylander unearths the shocking reality of Joseph Conrad’s seminal work, ‘Heart of Darkness.’ African Apocalypse follows the trail of a 19th century French colonial military commander who burned his way across Africa. Tens of thousands were massacred in the name of imperial domination. With communities still devastated by a century old atrocity speaking out for the first time, Nylander begins to question his own sense of belonging.

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The Filmmakers

‘In African Apocalypse we wanted to show how the violence of colonialism is not limited to history. It continues to shape the modern world. When we first left for Niger, colonial history to many in the west was little more than a topic for intellectual debate. But by the time we returned it had moved to the centre of world events.’


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Rob Lemkin, Writer and Director of African Apocalypse

Rob Lemkin
Writer and Director

Rob Lemkin has produced and directed over 50 documentaries for BBC, C4 and other broadcasters in the UK and US. His last feature film, ‘Enemies of the People’ (2010) was a ground-breaking account of the Killing Fields of Cambodia, winning Special Jury Prize at Sundance, Best Documentary BIFA and Emmy for Best Investigative Documentary.


Femi Nylander, African Apocalypse

Femi Nylander
Featured narrator, co-writer

Femi Nylander is an activist, poet and actor of African descent hailing from Manchester in the UK. In 2016 he graduated from the University of Oxford.

Recent works include writing and performing two critically-acclaimed TED talk poems, on migration and decolonial public health. Femi has appeared on the BBC’s Big Questions, Daily Politics and ‘The One Show’ to discuss decolonial history.


Amina Wiera, African Apocalypse

Amina Weira
Featured guide

Amina Weira was born in Niger and grew up in the northern city of Arlit. She holds a master’s degree in creative documentary film making from the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis in Senegal. Her first short, made in 2011, was La Musique de Film.


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Explore some of the stories and issues we touch on in the film and how Voulet’s legacy continues to shape lives today

“African Apocalypse is a visually compelling, visceral experience that seeks to understand how our colonial past shapes our present with a passionate conviction that it doesn’t define our future”

BFI 2020 festival

” A brutal and timely indictment of colonialism that never shies away from the horrifying terrorism Africans endured under colonial rule”

BFI. 2020 Festival


African Apocalypse launches at the BFI film Festival in October 2020.

14 – 20 December 2020 NATIONWIDE

Virtual Screening Tour coming to a cinema near you. Presented by The New Black Film Collective (TNBFC). Each screening includes a filmmaker Q&A and discussion with illustrious panel from the worlds of academia, politics and activism.

Mon, Dec 14, 18:00 |  Midlands Arts Centre | Birmingham

Tue, Dec 15, 18:00 |  Chapter Arts Centre | Cardiff

Wed, Dec 16, 18:00 | Broadway Cinema | Nottingham

Thu, Dec 17, 18:00 | Rich Mix | London

Fri, Dec 18, 18:00 | HOME | Manchester

Sat, Dec 19, 18:00 | Glasgow Film Theatre | Glasgow

Sun, Dec 20, 18:00 |Star And Shadow Cinema | Newcastle upon Tyne

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16-19 October 2020

Available to view on BFI Player from 16 to 19 October at the BFI London Film Festival. This will be the first ever edition to be widely accessible wherever you are in the UK. Book your ticket to African Apocalypse below on the BFI website.


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